How should you instill in people a godly ambition to take on more responsibility?

It’s helpful when people “step-up” and take on more responsibility. It allows leaders to delegate more and start new things and keep things going. But how should we motivate people to step-up? Rewards? Notoriety? Offer to meet up with them 1:1? Offer them more time with “the staff”? (that might back-fire)

I reckon its the idea of stewardship. Paul says “You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.” He says this in the context of avoiding sexual immorality, but the principle he goes back to is much bigger than that. It’s the idea that Jesus owns you; your body, your energy, your time. You don’t have to choose what to do with your day. You have to choose what to do with Jesus’ day. Jesus entrusts 24hrs of time to you every day… 168hrs every week. 

What are you going to do with Jesus’ time? What are you going to do with the body Jesus has loaned to you?

Lets do something great!

Reblog: You are, by God’s design, a decision making machine

1Cor 3 reminds us that we don’t actually make disciples, we don’t actually make people change or grow. God makes those things happen, by his Spirit. But we do make decisions – that God uses.
I don’t just mean that we decide what we say or do. As leaders we make significant decisions about projects and people. Every time we’re faced with an issue in ministry, or an opportunity arrives before us; we are forced to make a decision. And that single decision will have a huge number of consequences and outcomes – many of which you can’t foresee.
This is an important aspect of GTD; it forces you to decide what your next action is for a project.
Don’t underestimate the importance if this. You are, by God’s design, a decision making machine.
What are the decisions on your plate at the moment?
What decisions are you putting off?
What are the projects that are just sitting there – stagnant – because you need to make a decision about it?