And the most viewed MinistryPrinciplesAndPragmatics posts for 2014 are…

Yes, this is one of those “top-posts-of-2014” lists…

1. Things you can’t really understand until you’ve been in full-time ministry…

2. My response to “Why shouldn’t women preach to men?”

3. Common things people say as they’re falling away…

Interestingly, these are the most viewed posts from 2013 were…

  1. Why you should move people from front-of-house via back-of-house
  2. What happens when you don’t turn up
  3. Use the volume of background music to help your crowd
  4. Should you tell your spouse everything?

Most viewed posts of 2013

So this seems to be the things to do… here’s the top 6 posts from 2013:

Thanks for all who’ve encouraged me to keep typing these little posts – I hope you’ve been encouraged too.

Entering a Ministry Pragmatic break

Even though these posts get written a few weeks in advance, I’m taking leave now*, so I’m going to also take leave from writing for a while**.
But it raises the issue of leave planning – particularly in ministry. How do you leave things when you go on leave?
A basic principle is communicating. Before you go, make sure you’ve communicated…

  • when you’re leaving
  • how long and when you’ll be back
  • what normal things you won’t be doing
  • who will be responsible for those things while you’re away

So, see you in a week.

*when this post gets published
**before this post gets published