Don’t dis the name tag

Name tags can be used really badly. Welcoming new people by making them put on a name tag is rarely a good idea. But why?

The value of name tags is to help create group identity.

Asking people who aren’t sure if they want to be in the group to wear a sign of being “in” just doesn’t work. They know they’re not “in” and wearing a name tag says they are “in”.

So why not using it when you gather together the people who are already “in”? Training events, Conferences, even getting a few Growth GRoups together for a social night. They are good opportunities to bring out the ol’ name tags and consolidate the group-ness.

Also, as group gets bigger, you can’t expect people to actually know the names of all the other people who are “in”. So make it easy on them and give them name tags.

Influence requires association

If you want to change someone’s mind or a culture, you can’t do it from the outside. The less associated you are, the less influence you can ever have. Its unbelievable how people think that simply by complaining from the outside, they will ever see any change on the inside.

But the reverse is also true. The more associated you are will someone or a group, the more influential you can be. The person who sidles up beside their leader (or the leader who invests time in their people), by supporting them, encouraging them, etc… they have a position of influence.

Before you complain that no one ever listens to you, ask yourself if you would listen to someone who’s acting like you.