Unfortunately, behaviours dictate theology

It would be nice if people developed their personal beliefs from the Bible, and only from the Bible. But that’s just not the world we live in.

The reality is that people have experiences, they make choices, they have behaviours that they like doing. And its these pre-existing behaviours that end up influencing, shaping and even defining what they believe about certain things. The classic example is the adulterer who says something like, “I believe God is all about love. God doesn’t want me to be in a loveless relationship. I believe God’s put this other person in my life to experience the joy he designed me to have”. These people don’t think they are pretending. They honestly believe these things to be true. They will even defend them from the Bible.

You do this. I do this. We all let our cherished behaviours dictate and shape our beliefs about God.

How do you respond to someone who does this? Well, neither their behaviours or their interpretation of the Bible are “moveable”. Maybe the best bet is to help them be open to the idea that they have let their behaviours define their theology. Open them up to the heart of the error, and pray for God to graciously soften hearts.

Using the best part of your day

Have you ever considered what part of your day you are usually most effective or productive?
Some people simply can’t read after 9pm – they just fall asleep. Others can’t read before 9am – they’re just not awake enough. Some people are their most pleasant early, others late at night.
When are you at your best each day? And, what are you doing with the best part of your day?
One way to think of this is like the first fruits of your time. Maybe that time is the time to devote to prayer and bible reading? If that’s not an issue, then maybe devote the best part of your day to your spouse and thus your marriage?
Come 20 years time, be able to look back and say, I’ve spend the best part of my days doing something really important. I’ve been a good steward of my time.