Modern day gifts – The Accommodator (aka “the bean-bag”)

This is the person who is just what everyone needs them to be. They’re not pretending to be someone who they’re not, they just genuinely are able to be the life of the party – if the party is lacking life… and they can be the quiet serious one in the corner, if the party already has life, and needs a bit of solace. They can be your back-up, they can be your front-man, they can make something up and they can follow what’s set-out already.

Chances are they won’t like conflict, but the great strength of the Accommodator is their ability to make everyone feel like they are getting just what they need.

The difference between a passive helper, an aggressive helper, and a passive-aggressive helper

A passive helper will wait for you to ask them to help, and then they’ll do their best.
An aggressive helper will suggest themselves for certain roles (or just do them and tell you later on)
A passive-aggressive helper will either a) tell you they can help, but only if it’s on their thing and in their way, or b) wait for you to ask them to help and then say, “I knew you were going to ask me to do that.”

Love your passive helpers by being bold enough to ask them. Love your aggressive helpers by telling them the vision and principles clearly and letting them make mistakes. Love your passive-aggressive helpers by… Asking them what they think they should do for the kingdom, and why they haven’t done it.