Are you and me baby nothin’ but mammals?

What, if anything, is different between humans and animals? Are there things that are more than just superior evolution? Are we different? Here’s a few ways:

  • Only humans wear clothes (generally)
  • Humans use an infinitely complex language (this is more of a spectrum through)
  • Humans have weeks… and weekends.
  • Humans have holidays (fun with family & friends) as opposed to hibernating
  • Humans have gods (idols) which they worship and attribute supernatural power to

Entering a Ministry Pragmatic break

Even though these posts get written a few weeks in advance, I’m taking leave now*, so I’m going to also take leave from writing for a while**.
But it raises the issue of leave planning – particularly in ministry. How do you leave things when you go on leave?
A basic principle is communicating. Before you go, make sure you’ve communicated…

  • when you’re leaving
  • how long and when you’ll be back
  • what normal things you won’t be doing
  • who will be responsible for those things while you’re away

So, see you in a week.

*when this post gets published
**before this post gets published

Take other-person-centred holidays

What are holidays for? Well the answer to that depends on your answer to the question, “What are you for?”

See, if you think that you exist for your own joy, fun, happiness… then holidays and time off is when you finannly get to be who you are. And work, family-life, normal-life is the regular inturruption to you being who you are.

But if you exist for God… if you are a forgiven servant of Jesus… if you are meant to be like Jesus – the servant of all – more and more every day… then work, family-life, normal-life is who you are. They are your spiritual act of worship (Rom 12:1-2).

So why would you ever take holidays from that?!?! Why would you take holidays from being who you are?!?!

So you can keep doing it. So your body doesn’t break down while serving others. So your marriage doesn’t break down. So your kids are reminded they have a dad who loves them.

Take holidays for them. Take holidays for other people. Take holidays so you can be who you are – a slave of Christ to other people – for the long haul.