Joke around, but don’t veil complaints in humour

One of our Staff Team Values is that we love joking around. We love laughing, jokes, sarcasm and generally hanging out together. That hasn’t happened by chance… it’s something we’ve worked hard to protect.

But there’s a type of joking we don’t tolerate. Its the type of joking where you use humour to veil a serious frustration or complaint about someone else. It’s the type of humour where the butt of the joke is left feeling unsure whether people think something terrible about them. Using humour to thinly veil your issues or frustrations towards someone is cowardice.

The flip side of this deeply entrenched value is that when someone does make a joke about you, you can be sure they are never trying to hurt you… they’re really trying to love you.

The Christian Life: Repent & Rejoice, Rejoice & Repent

These are the two consistents we expect to see in one another as we open God’s word. Christians are always repenting, always changing, always transforming, always growing. There is a right concern we should have when we meet a Christian who keeps repentance at an arms length away and repents irregularly. 

At the same time, Christians always have reason to be rejoicing, thankful, hopeful, content. Again, it’s appropriate to be concerned for the Christian who doesn’t want to rejoice, or avoids it. 

The beauty of the gospel is that these two are not extremes in tension. The gospel calls me to a forgiving God in whom we rejoice in our repentance!