You actually don’t need to say “actually”

Because you actually could say actually in actually any sentence where you’re talking about actual facts.

Because rather than using it before anything, its actually meant to be a contrasting word (like in this sentence)[1].

Look’s like another word that’s now being used after people have worn out “like…”, “literally…”, “totally…”, etc. No one’s actually using it properly, they just don’t know any other adverbs or adjectives that are actually much better.

Are you and me baby nothin’ but mammals?

What, if anything, is different between humans and animals? Are there things that are more than just superior evolution? Are we different? Here’s a few ways:

  • Only humans wear clothes (generally)
  • Humans use an infinitely complex language (this is more of a spectrum through)
  • Humans have weeks… and weekends.
  • Humans have holidays (fun with family & friends) as opposed to hibernating
  • Humans have gods (idols) which they worship and attribute supernatural power to