Paul, the Areopagus & the Why of evangelism

We all find evangelism hard. Admitting that is the first step to dealing with it. But what’s the second step? What gets in the way of people taking the next step with their acquaintances, friends and family?

Our Mission Pastor, Sam Hilton recently gave an excellent talk from Acts 17 that highlighted 3 big reasons. I’d recommend you listen to it. If you’re training an MTSer, it would be a great resource to listen and review together.

  1. We don’t understand the non-Christian world-view enough
  2. We don’t get distressed about people’s idolatry enough
  3. We get caught in the same idolatry, and don’t long for God’s glory enough

Have a listen here.


Be faithful not only to the content, but also to the intent of the gospel

The gospel is not a creed to be remembered, but a message to be proclaimed. It is not an answer to a question, but a question that seeks people’s answer.

You can be faithful to the content of the gospel, but unfaithful to the intent of the gospel. That is, you can hold all the answers, all the verses, all the knowledge. But keeping it to yourself… that’s being unfaithful to the intent.

The gospel’s intention is to go to the ends of the earth, to every nation and tribe and people. That’s not simply all types of people, but to every person. The gospel’s intent is that everyone hears it’s content.

Reblog: Evangelism trumps everything

If you’re in Christian leadership, you probably already think this. But don’t assume your people get it. You need to play out what it means…
If you have to choose between going to your small group or taking a non-Christian to a gospel event suited to them… You blow off small group and take your mate.
If you have the choice between leading your small group or taking a mate to hear the gospel, you tell your small group to fend for themselves ‘cause evangelism is more important.
If you think that, do you think your people think that?

Actions have a very limited vocabulary

Yes, actions do speak louder than words. But they have a very limited vocabulary, in fact, actions communicate very few things when it’s said and done. (Or just done for that matter.)

The best actions can do is communicate that I love you (assuming you happen to interpret my actions the way I intend them).

But actions can never communicate that Jesus loves you. Only words can communicate that.

If you’re not speaking the gospel with words, then your actions are nothing but very loud white noise.