Dual church membership #1 – Nothing about it

So I’m going to share some thoughts on the topic of dual church membership; the idea of trying to be part of two local expressions of Jesus’ family at the same time. I’ll do it over a few posts tagged #dual-church-membership.

First, lets just be frank and say the bible doesn’t address it directly. And that means we have to make sure we know what type of discussion we’re having…

1. We’re having a pragmatic discussion. Whether or not to be part of two local churches is by in large going to come down to asking what is wise? What serves the most people? What allows me to honour Jesus most?

2. We’re not just having a pragmatic discussion. God’s word is all we need to be thoroughly equipped for every good work in life. There will be important themes and theological trajectories that need to be seriously taken into account.

But it’s worth asking, why isn’t there anything in the bible about it?