We all need to stop praying, “I pray that…” and just use some manners

“To pray” means to beseech, to request, to ask. And from a very early age, we’re taught how to ask for things politely… “Excuse me, can I please have the pony?”
However, for some reason, we’re not taught or modelled to ask like that when addressing God!? I have no idea why, but it’s stupid. Instead, we normally say something like, “Dear God, I pray that I would have a pony”. That’s like calling your mum and saying, “Dear mother, I beseech you that I may have a ride to the train station”
If that’s how you talk to ya’ mum, fine, please talk like that to your God.
But if that seems simply weird and almost rude, DON’T DO IT TO GOD.
Just start talking to God in prayer as though, you know, you can talk to him. Drop the fancy language and be real… “God, father, can you please give me a chance to tell Joe about Jesus?”
See, that’s a real question. It’s a real request. It’s a prayer.
So Just pray it, rather than telling him that you pray it.