Gospel Hurdles: People don’t know what a “King” is

There’re many hurdles to people accepting and believing in Jesus, but one of the commonly ignored hurdles is the concept of even having a “lord” or a “King”. People just don’t get what that means. 

And this is probably a fairly recent thing… Up until the 1940s-50s nations would still go to war “for King and country”, Kings still held complete sovereign power is certain nations. Whereas today, the only all-powerful Kings are despots and military coups. 

It’s no wonder that non-Christians hear us talking about Jesus as a king and then find the idea of repentance so strange. Why would you change your life for someone like Queen Elizabeth?!

The real idea behind Jesus’ kingship is his Lordship; He’s the Master and we are his slaves. And he has become like us to die for us and take us from slaves to sons (Col 1).

Keep the tension between sons and slaves

There’s a tension to keep in ministry and encouraging people in their walk, a tension that we often fall too far on one side, or we try to find a happy balance (that defeats the purpose of the tension).
As christians we are both slaves and sons.
We are no longer slaves to the law, nor are we slaves to sin. But we are slaves of Christ. At least that’s what the great apostle of grace – Paul – called himself and others throughout the New Testament.
And at the same time we are sons. Not sons by virtue of good works or blood line, or anything we do. We are sons of God through the grace of Christ.
Sons and slaves. Slaves who get called sons. A slavery that we should not begrudge, but rather rejoice in, because the master is good and kind and even more… He is our father.