The wrong end of the “election” stick

I get why people find the doctrine of election hard. But I think they make it harder than it is, because they start from the wrong end of the stick.

The doctrine of election tells us more about God, than it does about us.

Think about it, what’s the point of God telling us that he elects some people to eternal salvation, if he’s also not going to make it really obvious who he has and has not elected? In other words, when most people hear that God predestines people, their immediate question is, “Well am I one of the elect?”

But that’s one of those silly questions. Its like asking “does my vote matter?” at the polling booth.

God goes out of his way, many times, in his word, to tell us that he’s an electing God. He’s a God who’s grace is not determined or swayed by our efforts. Its a doctrine about HIM, far more than it is about YOU.

So what does that mean? It means we approach the living eternal God not on the basis that he has elected ME, but on the basis that HE elects some. So if you’re facing the God who elects from eternity past, what are you going to say?

I’d suggest you say something like, “Sovereign lord, you would be completely just and good to punish me eternally… but please don’t. Please have mercy on ME.”

And that’s when you’re also reminded that the electing God is the merciful God, who keeps his promises to forgive those who come to him.

Don’t depend on your elected-state… depend on your electing-God and his eternal character displayed in his Son.