A different definition of coaching

Another Manager-tools concept that’s been helpful… taking the idea of a sports coach, who kinda’ walks around and keeps pushing players forward. He’s not the guy who trains you in how to tackle or pass, there are trainers for that. The coach calls you aside and says, “Son, let’s talk about your game. What are you going to work on this year? Are you going for a first stringer position, or are you content in the 2nd grade team?”

It’s pretty american, but there’s something good there. It’s empowering people to make decisions, work out a plan, stick to it, and see through to the results.

I’ve tried something like this a few times. It’s gone well. I’ve asked guys what they think they would like to do. I’ve asked them how they think they’re going to make that happen. And as we’ve caught up, I’ve asked them where they’re up to. What stage are they at? What do they need to do next? Who do they need to call?

One guy even started calling me “coach”!