Answer questions from your grid

Most questions get asked because of wrong assumptions. They’re still good questions. They’re not stupid questions. But people ask them because what you’re telling them doesn’t fit with their existing believes, and they assume you’re wrong.

So that’s why the best answers to questions (especially in public “question time” type things, or in walk-up situations) don’t immediately answer the question.

Instead, before you answer, start with your own system or grid. Two Ways to Live is a great one to start with.

Are they asking about sin? Talk about box 2.

Are they talking about knowing God? Talk about box 1, and then box 4.

Are they talking about life after death? Talk about box 5.

This doesn’t cover everything, but the principle is that there’s usually some important element they haven’t got that’s led to the question. So start with your system, and move to their issue.

One great question answer-er I knew once said, “There’s only about 10 questions, but those same questions keep getting asked in different ways”