Dual Church Membership #6 – Tends towards consumerism

There’s nothing wrong with being involved in two Christian fellowships. We’re all one in Christ Jesus and enjoy a deeper fellowship with Christians we’ve never meet than we do with our own family (if they’re not Christian). But in light of everything we’ve looked at so far, I think Christians need to be wary of 1. How to keep one Christian fellowship primary, and 2. How to keep from becoming consumerist.

1. Since Jesus has designed you to, as a member of his eternal church, to be a member of a local church. Christians are wise to be intentional about doing that well. That is, BE a member of your church! Invest in the fellowship of believers with your time, money, heart, effort, skills, etc. Make it precious to you like it is precious to Jesus.

If you’re part of two fellowships/churches that’s not wrong, but be intentional about which one is your church and which one is your “church on the side”.

2. If Christians aren’t intentional about BEING a member of one church and they start being involved in two or three churches, I think they will tend towards a consumerist view of church.

They will invest in the things they want to invest it, they will give to the things they want to give to, they will submit to whichever of commands of their leaders they want to.

In the end, even though they intended to serve and invest out of love, they end up doing whatever they want… they become their own leader, and really don’t sit under any leadership. They tend towards a consumerist view of church.