The purpose of church websites

Why should churches have websites? There are loads of good reasons to have a website… Public “face”, state key beliefs, info for members, info for non-members… These are all good things to have, but they’re not big “purposes” for having a website.
I think there’s really one overriding purpose that outweighs all the other good purposes: consumer confidence.
Why would someone go looking at your church website in the first place? Almost always, it will be because they’ve heard about your church already: friends, flyers, drive-by, etc. but before they even seriously consider turning up, my bet is that almost all people will Google your church first. Why? They probably don’t do this consciously, but they’re looking for legitimacy, credibility… They’re are looking in order to determine how confident they can be in what they already know.
Does your church website help inspire “consumer confidence”?