Growing produces more problems than you expect

It’s hard enough to grow in the first place. But if you do grow, that’s not the only hurdle. That new growth produces its own problems to overcome.

  • More people raises the “acceptable minimum” level of production. Your meetings and events need to improve to suit the number of people in the room.
  • More people means you can’t rely on simple welcoming techniques. At some point there’s too many people to notice who’s new in a crowd. There’s too many people new people to just expect them to find there own way into the group. You need to think hard about how your going to help new people
  • More people means the average audience is harder the “know”. Where you as a preacher used to know the actual individuals you were preaching to, now you just can’t. You need to rely on other people’s advice.
  • More people means you need more staff. Where one guy can oversee a church of 100 (maybe), as you grow that number drops to close to 50.
  • More people means you need a better data management tool
  • More people means you get more complaints
  • More people means its harder to get people into position of service because it looks like
  • there’s so many people “they don’t need me”

  • More people means you have more needs to fill

So don’t let this list make you stop praying for more in Jesus’ kingdom, rather pray for more and pray for the ability to handle more.

2 thoughts on “Growing produces more problems than you expect

  1. Good stuff, our church is just breaking the 200 barrier and we’re seeing a lot of this come into action. It’s exciting and intimidating at the same time.

  2. Brian says:

    Good points. Would add:

    More growth means pastoral care becomes numerically, practically and structurally challenging.
    More growth means looking after leaders (at all levels) becomes more difficult.

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