Loving people leads to good design

A very cool website was recently launched: http://divineinspiration.com.au/
I’m not a designer. I somehow ended up as a student with FEVA – a great bunch of Christians trying to evangelise students in visual arts and design degrees. I married a designer. I really don’t think I care that much about how things look.
But that’s a fool’s point of view.
Just because I don’t care, doesn’t mean others don’t care, and it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t.
And more importantly, I do care. Everyone cares how things look. It affects them in ways they don’t even realise. Design matters to humans. God made us with the ability to see that things are pleasing to the eye (Gen 1:9).
Designing things well is an act of love. It rightly springs out of a desire to help people read, understand, be motivated, care, engage, etc.
sure, like everything design can be used in bad ways or with bad motives. But don’t use that to deny that design should rightly spring from a Christian desire to love people in just another way.