#ModernDayGifts Dreamers and Doers

Some people love being given a problem to solve. Even if you give them a task, they will probably come back to you with a different way of doing that task. They’re Dreamers.
Some people love being given a task, and just told what to do. The clam up at the thought of having to invent something, or design a new way to get something done. They’re Doers.
Both these people are invaluable to our churches. We need Dreamers who are going to take our desires as a christian body and come up with new ways to do them. But we have other things that, as a body, we need to keep doing again and again. Doers love serving their church family in these ways.
If someone is feeling a bit out of place in how they’re serving, it might be because you’re asking a Doer to Dream, or you’re asking a Dreamer to just Do.