Work really really hard at simple clear outcomes

This was one of the great ideas from “7 Habits”; simplify your desired outcome.
The illustration he uses is how he delegated the job of looking after the yard to his son. He thought really hard about it beforehand and came down to two words! Green and Clean. It even rhymed!
He took his son out and explained what he meant by “green”; watered regularly, weeds taken away, grass cut to the same length. He explained what “clean” meant; leaves raked up, balls and toys away.
When his son didn’t do it well, he could simply go back to those two words, green and clean.
As you lead teams at church, can you simplify the goals?
Are your group leaders clear on what they’re trying to do? Are your helpers clear on why they’re doing something… so clear that if something unexpected happens… they can make a good decision to adjust for it?
E.g. We once sat our setup-guy down, and told him we wanted “Welcoming and un-distracting” not perfect, but better than vague “do this” type leadership.