Creative ways to build relationships in 1:1 ministry

If you’ve ever had to do 121s with people you don’t know very well, it can be daunting to sit down and just read the bible. It might feel a bit odd or awkward if your don’t feel you know the person very well. That’s fair enough, since the word of God cuts to the heart. 121s are an intimate activity. There usually does need to be some trust in the relational bank to get some biblical momentum.
So invest some time to go for a walk, take a drive, chat about growing up and holidays and big brothers. Get all that 2nd or 3rd level deeper stuff out in the open so you feel you know each other a bit better. It also means you get an idea ow the bible might apply to them and their story.
One student I used to meet with was really cold to me. We’d been meeting for a few weeks looking at Romans, but it was awkward as!! Walks, coffee, chatting about growing up… None of it seemed to make any difference, but he did mention sport a fair bit. So one week I turned up at his place when we used to read the bible, but I brought a footy instead. We went for a kick around. We hardly spoke for 30mins while we booted the ball to each other.
Then we stopped, and that’s when he started talking. Apparently all I needed to do to get “in” with this guy was kick around a footy. It’s like I had to perform some right of passage. After that, reading the bible with him was not only easy, but a joy as well.

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