The conversational pop-in (rather than burst-in)

Dominic Steel told us this once, and I love it… Christians can get really excited when the person we’ve been dying to speak the gospel to finally opens that door in a conversation… All of a sudden there’s an opportunity to speak about Jesus!!! Quick!!
At that point, many Christians fall into the trap of the well intentioned “conversational burst-in”. They see the door open slightly and so they pretty well kick the door down, burst in and with guns blazing — say everything they can think of all at once.
You know what people learn from that experience? They don’t learn anything about Jesus. All they learn is… never open that door again.
So, try the “conversational pop-in” instead. When the door’s open, just poke your head in, make a comment, and pop back out out again. Show them that it’s safe for them to open the door.

3 thoughts on “The conversational pop-in (rather than burst-in)

  1. yes! that fits with the “evangelism as vomiting” theory I’m developing: where we think of projectile vomiting the contents of our spiritual stomachs onto the objects of our prayers at the first inkling of openness, only to see a [surprisingly] negative response. At which point, we refocus our intestinal attention to the next unwitting target, rather than persevering little by little in “popping our heads in”.

    • Ken West says:

      So Roger, rather than a “vomit” you’re proposing something milder, such as a spit or a regurgitation? I hope that sells!

      Cool article, Dave.

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