Learn to spot a lie, and teach others to do the same

This really is a skill that needs to be cultivated. A great way to do it is to pause your tv at the end of an ad. Try it one day, when the ads come on, watch the first one and then press mute, and on your own or with the bewildered tv-watchers with you, ask the question, “how is this ad trying to lie to us?”
Most ads lie like satan does. They offer a better tomorrow that’s easier than today. They aim at your feelings. They don’t make promises, but they do everything they can to infer that your life will be better with their product.
Try and put words to exactly how they’re doing it. It’s quite fun.

The skill you’re learning is to separate your feelings from their facts; you’re removing your desires from the question of “is this true?”

I do it with my kids from time to time. Now when they see ads for toys, they often say… “It looks fun, but I think those kids are just acting… It’s probably not that fun when you think about it.”
Brings a tear to my eye watching their tv-ad cynicism grow day by day.