Feedback Cards… unless you’ve got a better idea?

So… feedback cards. Some people love them, others hate them. Here’s some principles:

  • They don’t work on their own. You need to communicate clearly about them, again and again.
  • They don’t get filled out without a bit of social urging… its best when your church gathering has a culture of everyone filling out cards, so that the new person feels more comfortable doing it. Heard mentality can be helpful.
  • The point of feedback cards is primarily being able to follow-up new people. If you’re getting loads of feedback, but not getting new people’s details, don’t blame the card, but take a closer look at your systems and communications.
  • Cards… not Forms. People hate forms.
  • Tell people what you’re NOT going to do with them (“We’re not going to sell these to a marketing company. We’re not going to publish them anywhere, they’re only for designated leaders within our church family.”)
  • Don’t give people every option. Don’t ask them what congregation they’re from… that’s like calling my phone company, being asked to enter my phone number, then when I get to speak to someone, they ask me for my number. You should know what congregation they’re from because you collect them on the spot.
  • Reduce the questions… if you really want to know things about these people CALL THEM!!! Ask them all the questions you want over the phone, but don’t waste their time (and yours) by getting them to fill in every little possible detail on the form.
  • If you need to know something special, just ask them to write it on there; “I’d like to help with carols!”

For what it’s worth, here’s one we’re currently using for unichurch. It needs a re-do too.

HBC UC FeedbackCards 2013