Who do you think you are to them? Decide that or have it decided for you…

If you’re in leadership over other people, (particularly in gospel work–though not exclusively), you are a large figure in people’s lives. You’re not just a growth group leader, you’re not just the preacher or the mc or the team leader or their staff worker. Those things might describe the type of thing you DO, but you’re not simply an action-er. You are a person, a character in their lives.
So what type of character are you in their lives?
Obviously there are two answers to this… Who THEY think you are to them, and, who YOU think you are to them.
Are you their fearless leader? Their faithful supporter? Their fearsome drill sergeant? Their uncle-like figure? Their mother?
This is how Paul keeps talking about himself in the Epistles; father, mother, guardian, councillor, comfort, representative, drink offering, slave, servant, authority, etc…
It’s worth deciding who you want to try and be to your team/group/people/congregation. If you were going to be that, how would it look different to what it looks like now?