The best use of your time is to invest in another person #horstmans-laws.1

(This is a series of reflections on Horstman’s Laws)

People are amazing. People, by the providence of God; decide, act, influence, dream, feel, speak, pray. And then, by the grace of God, Christians are used by him to usher people into Christ’s eternal kingdom.
Every hour that you invest in a person, encouraging them, challenging them, training them in godliness is not just an hour well spent. It’s an hour that echoes in eternity.

But even when you pull the context back from that eternal perspective, investing in people and relationships is the real ‘work’ of almost all modern ‘work’.
Think about the engineering student… They spend 4 years learning engineering, they spend 5-10 years doing engineering, but throughout that time, they spend less time doing actual engineering and more time managing people… Until they’re at the stage they don’t do any engineering and they only do management of fresh engineering students.
Every hour they spend developing a relationship on the way is a relationship they will use to get their new ‘work’ done.

Your work doesn’t matter, the people do, and if you didn’t realise it, the people are the work.