There’s only 4 conversation types

If you’re going to sit someone down and chat about their sin, there’s only a few conversations there…

  1. Do you think you’ve sinned?
  2. Are to going to stop doing this sin?
  3. How are you going TO stop doing this sin?
  4. How are you going AT stopping this sin?

And here’s the key… You need to have them in that order.
Asking someone if they’re going to stop doing something which they DON’T believe is sin… That’s not a good conversation. Or even asking them if they intend to stop… If they haven’t verbalised that they’ve sinned… Ouch!
If we understand that sin is aggressive and it manipulates our thinking and feelings in ways we don’t even know, then we shouldn’t be surprised when we find people who can’t see their sin, don’t want to change, don’t make plans to change, and even after all that, don’t execute those plans.
The should be easy questions, but I guarantee these are the conversations you’ll come back to.

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