How to handle your church’s money

There’s only a few big principles to think about when it comes to handling money.1. Reduce people’s ability to steal like their corrupt hearts want them to.
Jesus has us pray that God would keep us from temptation. That’s reason enough to but effort into keeping others from temptation.
It’s not fool proof, but stealing is much harder if you have to convince someone else to join you.
So make sure there’s always two cash counters, two authorisers, two signatures.
We have a process where two people count, one then deposits the cash in the bank, the other emails the finance team to inform them of the amount that should be being banked by the other person.
2. Long for the day to prove your financial position.
A lot of work goes into making you accounts “square”. Every expenditure noted? Every income recorded. All balances reconciled. It’s a shame no one ever goes through it to see the time, effort and beauty involved in making it all right.
But if you make that your goal… Longing to be audited, it highlights the value of the responsibility.