Facilities and facilitators need to know their place

I’m part of this crowd so I can say it. I spend about 80% of my time facilitating more gospel work. That means I build roads, equipment, and supply lines for the armies of gospel workers in our staff and in our church.
But a road to the wrong place is a waste of my efforts and ends up hindering, rather than helping, gospel work.
This is why facilitators, like me, need to know our place. We need to keep our team’s priorities our priorities. We need to give them the veto, the free ride, the non-kosher process, the work-around.
Because, we’re facilitators. We facilitate what they have decided they need to do.
We might offer advice and suggest problems with their plans, and how it’s going to make things hard for everyone else… (That’s our job too).
But in the end, the bloke shooting the rifle has a better idea where the enemy is that the bloke up in HQ. Support him, feed him, and for the gospel’s sake, listen to him!!

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