Is your MTS program focused on the person or the position?

There’s some really exciting things happening with MTS at the moment. MTS National has been doing some great work, not only ensuring that MTS Apprentices are getting appropriate wages, training, mentoring, etc… but they’ve also got government approval to make fund raising for MTS Scholarships… tax deductible. That’s huge!

But it raised the question about what type of apprenticeship your church is offering people.

Are your apprentices being developed into gospel leaders who could go anywhere and do anything? Or are they being trained to fit into a particular role that your church needs filled?

They are two very different concepts of MTS. And it’s worth thinking hard about what they look like.

Thankfully, the great crew of people at MTS National have done a great job of making sure MTS can keep its clear focus on developing future gospel leaders. The new tax-deductible scholarships have minimal requirements… things like “read the bible”, “meet with your trainer” are part of the curriculum.

But it’s worth working out… are your training people for a position, or are you training them for anything?

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