Use energy changing it or waste energy complaining about it?

That’s meant to be a hypothetical question. But it’s one we need to keep asking ourselves when we get into “complain mode”. Have you noticed how draining and energy wasting it is to complain? Complaining really saps the energy out of you. It leaves you feeling tired and spent. In other words, it’s a big waste of energy.

The question should be, “Am I going to expend any energy towards actually resolving this problem?” If I’m not… then it’s not worth expending any energy complaining about the problem.

So when someone comes and complains about what someone said, or what someone did… just interrupt and ask them… “Before you go on, do you have any plans to go and speak to this person and encourage them to do it differently next time? No? Do you expect me to? No? Then maybe it’s not worth wasting energy wingeing about them to me.”