The arrogance of humble Christian ministry

When you do ministry in the spirit (and in the Spirit) of the gospel, it beckons a humility unlike many things in this world; servant-heartedness, other-person-centeredness, the willingness to sacrifices ones own desires and preferences and opinions for the good of others people’s growth.
However, this humility carries an arrogance to it…
It’s the arrogance that says, “I think you need to hear THIS from God’s word” or “I know you’d like to just hang out! but I insist we pray together” or “I know you’d prefer it went like that, but this will help us love more people with the gospel”
Ultimately it’s the arrogance that dares to show people their sin, and tell them, on God’s behalf, to repent and entrust themselves to Jesus.
The more humbly you see yourself, the more likely you are to put your status on the line when urging people towards Christ.

2 thoughts on “The arrogance of humble Christian ministry

  1. Josh says:

    So how are we suppose to go about this?
    I mean, sometimes the words have to be spoken right?
    Or do you mean to keep one’s opinion to oneself – as in, do not force your opinion to happen, because by then it wouldn’t be an opinion anymore?

    • Yeah, good question (now I read my post again).
      First, you have to be confident that you’re not giving your opinion but Jesus’ opinion. That takes humility (putting your preferences aside) and arrogance (assuming you know what Jesus thinks).
      Second, you have to want what’s best for the person you’re speaking to. That takes humility (being prepared to loose a friendship for the sake of the truth) and arrogance (assuming that God can work through your weak and feeble words).
      In the end, love is arrogant-humility. It’s throwing yourself in front of someone to take the bullet for them. You’re not asking for their permission to die for them. It’s arrogant. And it’s humble.

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