Dress to un-impress at church

We used to say, “Dress slightly more dressed-up than the average person in your church.” One of the main reasons was because we didn’t want people to think, “hmmm, this is too casual to be ‘church’ – it’s meant to be formal and reflective – but he’s dressed like a slob.”
But really – who’s gonna’ think that? Probably the type of person who’s going to find fault with EVERYTHING!
But what happened to your visitor when they come in for the first time and see the person up the from looking more dressy than they are? Chances are it’s another thing for them to (wrongly) feel judged about.
Why try to appease the 5% by dressing up when the same action could be off-putting to the 50%?!?
Dress just below the average “dress level” and see how it makes people feel comfortable to see Jesus as part of their whole life – trakidacks and all.

2 thoughts on “Dress to un-impress at church

  1. Interesting! This must be a cultural context thing.

    In our setting, the dress one level up thing is very helpful and not intimidating at all. It helps avoid sloppy, boring dress. It’s what people would do for anything that care about.

    Not posh or formal dress. Just smart casual instead of BBQ casual…

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