Reblog: Do you know why there’s a roster?

Do you have a good reason for using a roster to run your church meetings? Not just any reason, but a good reason? Some churches (I suspect) have very bad reasons.

“So that everyone gets to have a go.” Is that a good reason or a bad reason? 1Cor 12 would suggest that not everyone is suited to “having a go”. In fact, I’d argue that letting anyone have a go goes against the point of 1Cor 12.

“Because it makes people feel good when they get a go.” I’m all for people feeling good, but are they doing it at the expense of the congregation? Are they doing it with good motives or do they just want to feel good?

Christian service is meant to be Jesus shaped. It’s self-humbling for the sake of other people. If you’re going to have a roster, fill it with people who want to serve because they’re willing to put in the hard yards for the sake of the people they’re serving. Don’t get the people who just want a turn, or who like how it feels for them. Love them by saying no.