Your minimum is your priority

Do you have something that you absolutely have to do? “I have to have a coffee every morning!”, “I have to go to the gym 3 times a week!”, “I have to be at work 40hrs a week!”, “I have to see that new movie this week!”, “I have to sleep 8hrs a night!”…

Those are all your spoken-minimums. They are the things that you have agreed with yourself that you have to do; “at least”, “at the very minimum”.

But your minimums are also your priorities. They are your highest importance. The sentence may as well go like this… “I at least have to do X because it is of highest priority.” The trouble is, most people have different spoken minimums compared to their spoken priorities.

So why not start with what you think are your real priorities… “God”, “Church”, “Family”, “Forgiving others”, etc… and then work out your minimums… “I have to pray every day!”, “I need to be at church!”, “I need to be at home with my kids 20hrs a week.”, “I need to devote at least one night a week to my wife.”

Don’t be defined by your felt-minimums, define your minimums from your priorities.


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