Ministry Exercise: Imagine doing another staff member’s job

Is very easy to get caught in your own silo as part of a staff team. You’re slogging away at one aspect of church, and you can easily start to feel like others aren’t pulling their weight, or they’re not doing it as well as they should.
One exercise to do is to get the team to imagine swapping rolls with each other. Even pass them out pieces of paper with a new area of responsibility written on it, and give them 5 mins to work out their plan.
What would you start doing? What would you stop doing? What would be your biggest fear? What would you be excited about doing? What would you kill?
This is great for two reasons. First it breaks the rut of only thinking about your own thing. You begin to realise that this new role is huge and that guy leading it at he moments doing a huge job. Second it actually provides great creative ideas… Being asked to plan a ministry you’ve only spent 5mins thinking about can actually raise some great ideas.