Common things people say as they’re falling away…

Just because they say one or many of these doesn’t mean they are falling away, but these are the type of things “falling-away” people say…

  • I’m just gonna’ take a break from church
  • I don’t want to be too wrapped in religion
  • I want to travel, see the world
  • I’m not sinning, you’re just being legalistic
  • I want to explore my own way of expressing my faith
  • There’s this great opportunity (that takes me away from all my Christian support, fills up my life with work, and gives me loads of chances to sin) that I really feel is the right step for me
  • I’ve met this guy/girl… They’re not Christian… But they say they’re really interested.
  • I just need to focus on me for bit
  • Life isn’t all about church and bible stuff – God gave us lives to live!!
  • I don’t think the bible can really speak to my situation at the moment
  • I don’t want to hear about god punishing people… It gets me down too much
  • I’ve done my fair share of ministry… Other people should serve now.
  • I don’t feel like I’m being loved “enough”
  • I just don’t see why X is so-called “sinful”. I think it can be helpful for people.
  • I like to think that Christianity has changed with the times.
  • It’s just not the way I like it (church, groups, singing, relationships, events, plans, sermons)
  • Why would God want me to miss out on this thing I really want?
  • I don’t really pray “to God”… It’s more like positive self-talk.

3 thoughts on “Common things people say as they’re falling away…

  1. ??? says:

    I’m assuming, judging from the majority of the dot points, that by “falling away” you mean, from Christianity/God. However, if someone says “It’s just not the way I like it”, they could just mean that they don’t like a particular church, and they’re simply looking to change churches, not falling away from Christ.

    • First, please use your name when you comment. ( )
      But also, yes. Even that. I’ve personally heard many times people say they “don’t like the way…” And it was just a front for a real issue with God and being Christian.
      Not always! But it is “common”

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