What would Satan do?

Paul says to the Corinthians that we should not be unaware of Satan’s schemes (2Cor2:11) and that we should stand against the schemes of the devil (Eph6:11).
So take the time to think into the enemy’s camp.

      Who – in your ministry – would they most want to attack?
      Who are the most vulnerable in your ministry?
      What would be good targets in this season?
      How would satan be most likely to trap and ensnare your people?
      What weaknesses of yours would satan most likely leverage against you and your ministry?
      What are the best ways to fight these spiritual battles?

This is what makes ministry so hard. Your people are the front line in a war that brings a fate worse than death – hell. No wonder Paul lists out all his “worldly” troubles and then says they’re nothing compared to his daily anxiety for the churches (2Cor12).