Reblog: Delegate, but always check they know the…

… very next step to take.

They might have to call someone they’ve never spoken to before. They’re happy to do it. They’re keen to make a cold-turkey phone call. They know what they need to say, and how to have the conversation.

But they don’t know where to get the number from.

This is when you find out if they’re a self-starter or not. See a normal person will sit on his/her hands, not sure what to do, not sure how to get the number or who to call or whether they’re even meant to know it. They get something like writers-block; helpers-block. Or worse, they will feel like a failure… and they might even feel bitter towards you for setting them up with an impossible task.

A self-starter will go outside-the-box and get the number. They’ll work out a solution and if that doesn’t work, they’ll come up with another one. Heck, they’ll even call 10 people and end up getting the persons’ address and having the conversation on the front porch.

You know what happens then? Leaders stop delegating to the normal person and they only delegate to the self-starter.

Shame… when all the leader had to do was ask, “Ok, what’s the very first thing you’re going to have to do?”