Reblog: An assumed strength is a double weakness

Beware the sin you don’t think you’re capable of. Beware the error you scoff at and think that you don’t need to worry about. Those presumed strengths are usually the very reason the proud fall.
So what’s your (our) “assumed strength” that you don’t need to be wary of?
“I’m able to take criticism well, I’m humble like that.”
“I’ve seen what adultery does to families, it won’t happen to me.”
“I’ve read the bible, I know what it says.”
“I’ve been to bible college and done my thinking”
“I’ve served heaps in the past, so I know I’m servant hearted”
“My church teaches the bible.”
“The spirit in me means I must have had good intentions”
If you (I) resonate with any of these, it should warn us that it is in fact a double weakness waiting to be exposed by the evil one.