Limiting your ministry to “with my spouse” only

On one hand, married couples have a great ability to focus and influence and care and endorse. I love married couples who do team ministry. It’s great. There are certain seasons of life where this can happen more and others where it happens less.

But, it’s not always “best”. And it shouldn’t be a limiting factor in working out what you and your spouse are going to formally do with church. Why? It turns something that’s meant to be other-person-centred into something that is only thought about “on my terms”. Be very wary if you hear yourself say something like, “that’s not something we could consider because we can’t do it together.” That’s bad. In fact, I don’t even think it should be in the top 5 questions you ask to consider a particular ministry responsibility.

The married couples I’ve seen do ministry for the long term are those that encourage each other in their individual giftedness, rather than limit their serving to their overlapping giftedness. So, think about how you can encourage your spouse to serve Jesus in ways that you never could. Jesus made them for that… and Jesus gave your spouse a great helper to help them… you.

2 thoughts on “Limiting your ministry to “with my spouse” only

  1. Chris Webb says:

    Have you seen real life examples of what you are suggesting shouldn’t happen Dave? I can’t really imagine or picture it myself.

    • I can give similar examples to real ones I’ve seen.
      Couples who, refuse to help out with things at church, primarily because they can’t do that thing “together”; so things like, “helping run NextStep”… “One of us needs to be home with the kids so we couldn’t do it together, so we’re not going to consider it”

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