Reflections on Nexus Conference

On Monday I had the pleasure of getting able to attend the Nexus conference. Some reflections…

  1. Pete Orr did a careful and considered job of showing that “the work of the Lord” that is “not in vain” in 1Cor 15 is not just general Christian living… rather Paul’s thinking of the work of evangelism and maturing Christians. This helps set up the perspective that gospel work is a special work that all Christians are called to.
  2. Archie argued that the shape/DNA/essence of reformed evangelicalism is that we’re on about conversionism. The next generation won’t just turn up… they need to be converted with the gospel. And they need to be converted into people who are on about converting others with the gospel.
    It was the type of talk that I hope people will think back to in 20 years time and say, “that helped me realise what we’re on about”.

More to come tomorrow.

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