Reblog: Do you understand what you’re asking?

Those of us “in ministry” often talk about moving people from spectators to playing on the field. We want people to move from simply attending, to being part of church; involved, giving, committed.
But have you realised what your asking for?
What we’re really asking for is “investment”. We want people to invest in gospel ministry; invest their money, their time, their lives!! And investments are risks. We’re asking people to risk their time, their money, their energy, their worldly opportunities… for Jesus… in the way we suggest.
That might not seem like a risk for you (you in full time ministry already). But don’t forget what type of risk it is to those you’re recruiting.
No matter what it is you’re recruiting people to help you do, you’re selling an investment in Jesus. For some, that’s a huge risk… Understand that and you understand why people find it hard to commit to “simple” things.