Conference ideas from #oxygen14

For many people missing out on a conference, it’s not just the preaching and encouragement they miss out on, but it’s also observing the well-run machine of a big conference so they can take and apply the ideas in their own conferences, camps etc. So here’s a few…

Question time questions, not by SMS, but by app. A sure fire way to get loads of people to download the KCC app (it worked for me)!

Choose a location that has intrigue. The Australian Tech park is pretty cool, and adds an exciting element to the conf. As always, while dealing with humans, you need to have an eye to how I and are affected by locations.

Limit information. I know things sounds weird (and I don’t know how intentional it is) but there’s something to be said about keeping back some key information from your participants. It’s day 2 and I still don’t know which of the key speakers is speaking tonight. I don’t even know where my next seminar location is. There’s some workshops happening this arvo… I’m not sure what they are or who’s running them. But, the opt out level will be much lower, because I don’t know what I’m opting out of. Very gen y.

Two tier seating tickets. Yep, despite James 2:1-4, there are two seating areas… The up front, close to the action seats (zone 1 – blue) and there’s the up the back, participate through the video relay seats (zone 2 – yellow). Though I can imagine this working in America, I can’t hep but wonder if the cheaper tickets are zone 1, so those people have to fill the front section as a punishment ;)
It is a good way to fill from the front… A perennial problem in Australia.

One thought on “Conference ideas from #oxygen14

  1. David says:

    Limiting information… Hmmm. Australia has lots of ministry conferences with world class speakers
    And it is not possible or sensible to go to them all. So when an organised church ministry team plans ahead for the year, we look at what the options are and decide what we will go to. So given that KCC kept refusing to say who was speaking and refusing to give any indication of the program – it comes across as arrogantly assuming we should be willing to go regardless of what is happening, and/or that KCC are woefully disorganised.
    That’s why this week, I am running Bible studies, teaching scripture, and talking to people about Jesus. I am certainly not going to cancel those things to go to a conference where they won’t tell me what is happening.

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