Three types of human power at work in your church

Power is an odd word, but in this case I simply mean the ability to make things happen within an organisation/church.
1. Role Power
This is the power someone has because of their title or position. They are the “pastor”, or the “youth leader”, or the “missions director”. This is the normal person people think of when you ask, “Who has the power?” But they’re just one type of power.
2. Expertise/information Power
This is the person who understands the details. They’re the Sunday school teacher who is the only one who seems to know WHERE to find anything, from mops to music sheets and everything in between. Or the guy who just knows whose house the couple are at tonight, and what they were doing last week, and that they’re on setup in the morning.
This person has significant power in your organisation. They, if they want to, can influence many and support or undermine your initiatives.
3. Relational Power
This is the person who knows everyone and how they’re doing. They are well liked, they are deep friends with many others. They are respected and a regular go-to person for people in trouble or distress.
These people have significant power in your organisation. They also have the ability to make your plans loved, or ensure your plans fail.

Do you know who the human powers are?