Modern Day Gifts: The Girl Gusher

There’s a certain type of guy who, without any particular intention to, just seems to get into conversations with girls who then feel comfortable to open up, share their histories, their struggles, their pains. These guys don’t try to find out these things; they just sort of find themselves in deep conversations with girls, offering an open ear, godly counsel and Christian encouragement.

Of course this could be terribly abused. And there are certain things to be wary of. These guys need to realise that girls may form emotional attachments after a very short time. They need to be especially open with their wives about who they’ve spoken to, and its almost always best if they have their wives with them in every conversation.

When I’ve spoken to guys who’ve found that girls just open-up with them about serious Christian stuff, I’ve usually told them that they might have a special gift for encouraging and counseling girls… and apart from being really careful, maybe its a gift that’s best used in a few years – like when they’re over 55 and can be a fatherly encouragement.

Sure, there’s always going to be issues to be wary of here. But these guys have a great opportunity to speak gospel truths to women, that otherwise would be very difficult for other people (men or women) to say.