What is a church MC? What is their purpose?

I’ve heard the idea that the church MC is jut meant to hold the meeting together… really? That’s it?

If you start by thinking about what church is; the penultimate gathering of the saints saved by the blood of God himself (Acts 20) who gather to spur one another on through speaking the truth in love and express the wisdom and glory of God to the universe (Eph 3:10)… surely you don’t just have someone who “holds the meeting together”?!?

We tell out MCs, “For this time on Sunday, be these people’s pastor”.

As our MCs prepare for Sunday and think about the meeting, we want them to cultivate a desire to see their congregation grow and be encouraged. It’s that desire to pastor their congregation that will lead to them wanting to make the bits work together, saying helpful and encouraging things, saying no to unnecessary announcements.

If there’s one person who needs to have the big idea of what church IS in their heads… it’s gotta be the MC.