Different glasses to re-read the text

We’re often encouraged to keep reading and re-read the text we are going to preach… But once you’ve got one idea in your head, it’s very hard to see any other reading than the one you’ve got. So here’s a few ways you could re-read the text…
How would a OT expert read it?
How would a pagan roman read it?
What was in the writer’s mind when they wrote it?
Why did the early church keep making copies of this text? Why is it so important?
How would you read it if it had been lost for the last 2000 years and you just uncovered it?
How would one of the other NT writers have read it? (Eg 2Pet2)
How would the early church have felt as this letter was read aloud in their meeting for the first time?
What would be lost (theologically, ethically, historically, practically) if we didn’t have this text?
How would roman slaves have read this, compared to roman merchants?
How would you read this if you were lying on your death bed?
Are there other good ones?