You don’t need a mentor

Mentors are great. The idea of an older wiser more mature Christian asking you if you’d like to sit down with them and read the bible and talk about life… that sounds awesome, right? Sounds like a “good thing”?

Great. If you think that’s a “good thing”… go and do it… for someone else.

“But I’m not mature enough”. No. Everyone can say that when they’re looking “up”. So look down instead. Look around. You’re more mature than some people. And even if you’re not… the very fact you’re trying to do something FOR them… that’s Christian maturity right there.

“But I don’t know what to do”. Fine. Get a book about it, read some blogs about it, do a course, or just simply have a go. Take the initiative. Take the responsibility.

“But what about all the things I’m going through? I need someone to talk to about them.” Do you? ‘Cause God’s your eternal Dad, who beckons you to call on him day and night; to pour your troubles on the Lord. (You might need to speak to a professional councillor or psychologist, that’s fine – loads of people need to, so do that.) But you don’t need a mentor.

Good if you do have someone… Great if you are that someone.